Barinu Institute For Economic Development is committed to eliminating extreme poverty in the poorest regions of  the world through economic development  by providing  infrastructure development and practical educational training. 

Barinu Institute For Economic Development is a global educational institution and  project based non-profit  organization  that was founded with the sole purpose of  contributing to the economic development of the poorest regions of  the world. Though we believe, encourage and participate in humanitarian aid and relief,  we belief  it is a temporary solution and in no way a permanent solution to the extreme poverty plaguing a good part of  Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and some parts of Central America.  Our solution consists of  two approaches:  infrastructure development and educational or technical training.


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 Juxtaposition of Technology, Medieval Housing and Urban Development
February 17-19, 2020, New York, USA, Geneva, Switzerland, Johannesburg, South Africa

 A Conversation on the Influence of Women Entrepreneurship on Development in the 21st Century
March 16, 2020, New York, USA , Hong Kong, China

 From Earth to Jupiter: Artificial Intelligence and Its Effect on the Economy
May 28, 2020

  The Dichotomy of Economic Modeling, Engineering, Architecture and Spacial Design
July 9, 2020, New York, USA

 A Conversation on Streamlining Education for the Post Covid-19 Economy
July 29, 2020, New York, USA

 Addressing Challenges and Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture 
August 26, 2020, New York, USA. Geneva, Switzerland

 Mapping Global Development in the Post Covid-19 Economy
September 3 & 4 2020, New York, USA. Geneva, Switzerland

 A Discussion on Clean Coal: Going back to the Fundamentals
September 17, 2020, New York, USA. Geneva, Switzerland